EC600\EC450 Electromagnetic Fan Drives

Electromagnetic Fan Drives

The superior design of the EC450 and EC600 Electromagnetic On/Off Fan Drives delivers efficient cooling while improving engine performance in today’s demanding diesel engines. And the no-slip operation responds quickly to cooling requirements in medium-duty trucks, buses and off-highway equipment.


  • No air supply required
  • No slip operation for more efficient cooling
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Improved system performance
  • Lower emissions
  • Warmer cab
  • Improved air conditioning performance
  • Higher reliability

For precise temperature control, the fan drive engages only when it’s needed—about 10 percent of the time. That means your vehicle will operate at maximum fuel efficiency 90 percent of the time, saving you money. When operating at maximum fuel efficiency, you’ll gain horsepower, enabling you to haul heavier loads and tackle steep grades.

You’ll save time and money with the EC450 and EC600 thanks to minimal installation and zero lifetime maintenance. Reliable Horton products that give you an even cooler bottom line.


  • Electromagnetic actuation
  • On/off operation- Precise engine temperature control
  • Maintenance-free design


  • Medium-duty (Class 5, 6 & 7) trucks
  • Buses and motor coaches
  • Off-highway equipment


Description EC450 EC600
Actuation: Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Fan drive weight: 13 lbs. [5.9 kg] 17.6 lbs. [8.0 kg]
Out-of-box torque: 850 in-lbs. [96 N-m] 1,500 in-lbs. [170 N-m]
Fan blade capacity: 26" [660 mm] diameter 28" [711 mm] diameter
Horsepower range: 50-275 HP [37-205 KW] 50-275 HP [37-205 KW]
Parasitic loss in off mode: 0 HP vs. 1.5-2 HP [1.1-1.5 kW] with competitive fan drives 0 HP vs. 1.5-2 HP [1.1-1.5 kW] with competitive fan drives
Power requirements: 12 V [4 amps] 24 V [2 amps] 12 V [4 amps] 24 V [not available]

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