DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Drives

Two-Speed Fan Drives

DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Drives alternate between eddy current and spring-actuated cooling. While using eddy current, the fan drive turns the fan at a lower speed, which reduces operating noise, increases available horsepower for auxiliary systems and minimizes radiator abrasion from dust and debris. It spring-actuates when more cooling is needed, running the fan at full input speed. It also provides faster engine warm-ups in cold weather.

DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Drives are proven solutions for the highest-heat under-hood environments, particularly in tough vocational truck applications. Horton's latest innovations assure you of maximum reliability and long-life performance.


  • Maximum reliability
  • Longer operating life
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced noise
  • Better engine performance
  • Engine coolant temperatures kept at optimum operating efficiency
  • Increased reliability in high-horsepower applications
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Premium sheave bearing
  • Improved air cartridge
  • Long-wearing friction liner
  • Spring-engaged and air-disengaged
  • Lighter
  • High torque for turning larger fans
  • Fail-safe design
  • Low parts count for simplicity


  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Medium-duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Off-highway equipment
Actuation: Eddy current at low speed with spring lockup
Horsepower range: Diesel engines up to 600 HP [447 kW]*
Fan blade capacity: Application specific
Air pressure requirements: Minimum 90 psi [620.5 kPa]
*Contact Horton engineering for applications above this horsepower range.

Premium Bearing vs. Deep Groove Hub Bearing

DM Advantage Bearing

• 14 rolling elements per row
• Highest load capacity
• High contact angle – withstands more thrust load
• Dual-lip Viton® seals
• Highly heat-resistant grease
• Size: 45 mm ID x 85 mm OD x 39 mm length

Previous Technology

• Deep groove bearings (2 needed)
• 10 rolling elements per row
• Preloaded to increase stiffness
• Dual-lip Viton seals
• Size: 45 mm ID x 95 mm OD x 19 mm length

Competitive Rear (Current Hub Bearing)

• Deep groove bearings
• 9 rolling elements per row
• Low load capacity
• Not preloaded
• Size: 45 mm ID x 85 mm OD x 19 mm length

Competitive Front (Current Hub Bearing)

• Deep groove bearings
• 9 rolling elements
• Not preloaded
• Lowest load capacity
• Size: 35 mm ID x 72 mm OD x 17 mm length