Modulator® RCV1000

RCV1000 Fully Variable Fan Drives

Precision Cooling for Large-Bore Diesel Applications

With the RCV1000, Horton continues the expansion of viscous drives into the high-horsepower range of off-highway applications with 30-Liter to 50-Liter engines.

Designed to boost fuel efficiency, reduce noise and extend engine life, the RCV1000 boasts innovations throughout all aspects of the design to improve reaction time and control of modulation to bring the fuel savings, productivity and reliability solutions required by the tough off-highway environment.


  • Full-range variable speed control reduces operating noise and lowers fuel costs

  • Lower off-speed decreases parasitic loss to preserve horsepower and provide effective cooling

  • Smooth fan engagements and fan modulation
  • Precise fan control

  • Belt-driven unit is economical to install, reliable and maintenance-free
  • Air-cooled design doesn’t require engine oil or hydraulic oil circulation


  • Innovative reservoir, actuator and valve system delivers a faster response time for maximum cooling efficiency

  • Smooth fan engagements and fan modulation

  • Precise fan control

  • Provides customers fuel savings, noise reduction, and cold weather performance advantages.

  • Integral fan speed sensor for closed-loop control managed by the engine ECU

  • Stationary magnet coil eliminates the need for a bearing, reducing manufacturing and materials cost
  • Front-located fan bearing reduces temperature of pulley bearing, increases grease life and supports fan weight
  • Optimized fins on housing and cover for greater heat dissipation


  • Mining haul truck and excavators

  • Remote radiator packages

  • Oil & Gas – Pumping vehicles and equipment

  • Power generation – Diesel generators

  • Construction excavators and wheel-loaders


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Modulator® RCV1000 Fully Variable Fan Drive Specifications

Maximum Torque Up to 900 N-m [8850 in.-lbs.] (on/off)
Typical Fan Blade Size
1220 – 1828 mm [48-72 in.]
Typical Engine Power Range
522–2,237 kW [700–3,000 hp]

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