Modulator RCV250

RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drives

Lighter with a compact design, Modulator™ RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drives are engineered to turn larger fans that require higher torque. Modulator is an integrated belt-driven fan drive that can be mounted in various locations to eliminate the vibration inherent in traditional driveshaft-mounted fan drives.


  • Variable operation reduces fan noise
  • Fast response time and lower off-speed for maximum efficiency
  • Fuel-and cost-efficient
  • Increases available horsepower
  • Maximum durability and longer product life
  • Improves cooling with increased airflow
  • Lower parts count resulting in lower replacement and maintenance costs


  • Built-in thermal capacity and integral fan speed sensor
  • Stationary, optimized magnetic design
  • Double-row bearing
  • Innovative reservoir, actuator and valve system
  • Lower idle speed
  • Stationary magnet coil
  • Simple wiring configuration
  • Front-located cover bearing


  • Global applications with larger fans that require higher torque
Maximum torque: Up to 2,113 in.-lbs. [250 N-m] (on/off), 1,991 in.-lbs. [225 N-m] (fully variable)
Fan blade capacity (diameter): Configurations of 6 – 13 blades; 26 – 43 in. [660 – 1,092 mm] diameters
Engine horsepower range: 469 – 671 hp [350 – 500 kW]


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