Repair Kits

Repair Kits

To maximize DM Advantage's performance, depend on DM Advantage Repair Kits. Designed to handle the demanding high-torque, high-heat requirements of today's more powerful diesels, these parts ensure top vehicle performance, unrivaled fuel efficiency, and savings you'll see on your bottom line.

DM Advantage Super Kits include a fan mounting disc, clutch pak, sheave bearing, O-rings, friction liner, air cartridge, face seal, retaining rings, facing screws and lubricant. These kits allow the rebuilding of a DM Advantage to new condition in about 30-45 minutes.

DM Advantage Seal Kits include everything you need to eliminate an air leak in fifteen minutes: O-rings, retaining rings, facing screws, air cartridge, face seal and lubricant.

DM Advantage Friction Disc Kits include a fan-mounting disc, friction liner and facing screws — allowing the replacement of a worn-out disc and liner in fifteen minutes.

DM Advantage Friction Liner Kits include a friction liner and facing screws. Liner replacement can be completed in about fifteen minutes. All Horton Repair Kits feature Genuine Horton Parts.

DM Advantage Bearing Kits include a sheave bearing, bearing nut and retaining ring. Bearing kits are designed for repairs requiring fewer parts than a super kit.

DM Advantage Clutch Pack Kits include an O-ring lubricant, facing screws, air cartridge seal, spring housing/piston. Clutch Pack Kits repair the clutch pack.

PolarForce Two-Speed Conversion Kits include an O-ring seal, fan mounting disc, button head screws, air chamber seal, face seal, retaining ring, friction liner, spring housing/piston, magnet assemblies.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your fleet's performance or needing torque enough to turn today's 32-inch diameter fans, DM Advantage is the answer.

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