Replacement Fan Clutches and Repair Kits for Kysor K26RA and K30RA

Replacement Fan Clutches & Repair Kits for Kysor K26RA and K30RA

The Klondike Series allows you to benefit from Horton's industry-leading customer service and quality even if you are running our competitor's fan drive in your fleet. The line includes a replacement fan clutch for Kysor K26RA; K26RA Major Kits, Seal Kits and Lining Kits for repairing Kysor K26 and most K30 rear-air fan clutches; and five Hub Bearing Kits.


  • Horton quality and reliability
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Reliable industry-leading support


  • Interchangeable with original equipment fan clutches and parts
  • Fan clutch replacement engages without air pressure to keep the engine cool until service is available


  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Medium-duty trucks
  • Buses


K26RA Fan Clutch

Our rear-air Klondike 26 fan clutch fits most competitive applications and is easy to maintain. It was designed to keep your vehicle running even if the fan clutch fails. The clutch will engage without air pressure, keeping your engine cool until you can get it in for servicing.

Horton # 9908501; OEM # 1090-09500-01

Rear-Air Major Kit

HORTON # 9908405; OEM # 1033-09339-01

Rear-Air Seal Kit

HORTON # 9908402; OEM # 1033-08233-01

Lining Kit

HORTON # 9908407; OEM # 1033-09348-01

Hub Bearing Kits

HORTON # 9908300; OEM # 1033-07781-01

HORTON # 9908301; OEM # 1033-07782-01

HORTON # 9908302; OEM # 1033-07782-02

HORTON # 9908303; OEM # 1033-07782-03

HORTON # 9908304; OEM # 1033-07782-04


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