Modulator Variable Speed Retrofit Packages for Heavy-Duty Trucks (with ECM Control)

Modulator Retrofit ECM Control 

Variable Speed Retrofit Packages for Heavy-Duty Trucks with ECM Control

Horton’s Modulator Fan Drive provides continuously variable, precise fan speed when controlled by some truck ECMs. Fan drive control signals are calculated by the ECM based on engine coolant and heat exchanger sensor readings, and other vehicle status signals. Using Modulator fan speed feedback, the fan is controlled to speeds appropriate for vehicle and engine operating conditions. Note: Not all ECMs can control Modulator directly. The Horton Di Controller may be required for some applications.

Modulator Retrofit Package ECM Diagram 

Everything needed for plug and play installation is engineered into the retrofit installation kits. See the product selection table for details. Horton’s Modulator Retrofit Package for Heavy Duty Trucks with ECM Control contains: 

•  Modulator RCV250 Fan Drive assembly—Modulator Fan Drive, mounting bracket and pulley

•  Retrofit installation kit—step-by-step installation manual and ECM wiring harness

•  WindMaster® HS11 Fan